Our capabilities encompass all phases of acquisition and development.

The Acquisition & Development Group specializes in industrial and commercial real estate in the Connecticut marketplace and in selected cities nationwide. The company currently does business in 9 states and 23 cities. As one of the largest owners and developers of industrial properties in Connecticut, M.F. DiScala & Company prides itself on quality projects built on time and on budget.

M.F. DiScala & Company has had a strategic alliance with the Covington Capital Group for almost two decades. We have collaborated on several joint venture projects throughout the United States, bringing together important resources within the two organizations. Our combined industrial real estate portfolio consists of over 11 million square feet.


Cooper Tire Sale to Dryden, LLC                            Dayton, OH                 770,000 SF

GMAC Sale to Rockville Road, LLC                        Indianapolis, IN          635,000 SF

York A/C Sale to Schewango Valley, LLC               Elyria, OH                  600,000 SF

Medway I Sale to Benerofe Properties                      Wallingford, CT         202,000 SF

Medway II Sale to First Industrial                             Wallingford, CT         187,000 SF

First Wilton Sale to RMS                                          Norwalk, CT               36 Res. Units

Gardner Denver Nash Sale                                         PA & St. Louis, MO   245,000 SF

El Paso, TX Retail Development Site Sale                El Paso, TX                 1,100,000 SF

Norwalk Hour Sale to Reza                                        Norwalk, CT               43,000 SF

Rosenfeld to Paragon Properties                                Norwalk, CT              50,000 SF